The Turnbull Government has released its draft management plans for Australia’s 44 suspended Commonwealth waters marine parks. Big cutbacks to high level protection are proposed around the nation to make way for destructive forms of commercial fishing and mining. Inexplicably, reductions in protection proposed by the Government far exceed those proposed by the Government’s own independent Review, released last year.Type your paragraph here.

Almost 40m hectares of marine ‘sanctuary’ area (Marine National Park / IUCNII) is proposed to be cut from Australia’s marine parks network– an area twice the size of Victoria – and equivalent to removing almost every second national park on land.

If this proceeds, Australia will be the first nation in the world to go backwards on marine protection – setting a damaging international precedent at a time when the world’s oceans need more, not less protection.
Public input will play a major part in the outcome for these parks. You have until the 20th September to have your say in this final round of government consultation. Below is a guide for making your submission.
Submissions close Wednesday 20 September 2017.

Save Our Marine Parks Submission

Closes 20th September, 2017