Experience our SA marine parks

We are looking for parent / adult volunteers

We rely on the school’s ability to provide in-water adult/parent ‘supervisors’ to ensure adequate ratio of 1:4 (1:2 for year 8 and below).
All EMS snorkeling, including ‘once off’ snorkel experiences are run in accordance with the EMS Safety & Standard Operating Procedures.
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You will be contacted to discuss needs of your school and scheduling of in class and snorkeling activities.
For further information contact Carl Charter office@emsau.org or phone 0466 278 187

EMS Program Concept

Wanted: Parents, Grandparents, care givers

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EMS and NRM Education work together to provide teacher support through professional development and networking opportunities.  The EMS program is linked to the Australian Curriculum and provides access to marine science resources and lesson plans. 

For more information on resources, lesson plans and curriculum links please download our Educators resources below:

Student permission forms

Photo Consent Form

Standard Operating and Safety Procedures

NZ EMR Educator’s resource

EMS Australian Biology Curriculum

Snorkeling ID Chart (Fish and Invertebrates)

Resources, Downloads

Resource download

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Experiencing Marine Sanctuaries Inc. (EMS) is a new marine education program supported by DEWNR Marine Parks and Natural Resources Adelaide and Mount Lofty Ranges. EMS is inviting five schools (years 9,10 &11) to register for the 2017 – 2018) EMS School Education Program.

EMS is looking for at least 5 schools that can be involved between Oct 2017-May 2018. All in water activities will be completed while water warm and before the end of April 2018.
The EMS Education Program empowers schools and communities by providing hands-on ‘in-water’ experiences in the ocean. The full EMS program involves investigating marine biodiversity within local unprotected marine environments before venturing to a fully protected marine sanctuary. After this experience (and/or classroom activities and research), students are able to compare unprotected and protected areas and are supported to put their knowledge into action within the community. EMS educators and snorkel leaders offer guidance, direction and coordination of classroom exercises and field trips to the ocean. We also provide snorkel equipment, instruction, resources with curriculum links and snorkel safety management. 

The EMS program concept

The EMS program concept:

  • In-class introduction to marine biodiversity/marine parks
  • Snorkel instruction session in pool
  • Investigation of local marine area
  • Marine Park/Sanctuary Zone experience
  • Comparison between local area and fully protected area
  • Action for the marine environment

To have a look at what our sister program has offered schools for past 14 years click here
Cost of program:
The school is required to cover the cost of program (approx. $2,000- 2,500)*, transport and any other associated expenses with regard to field trips, such as food or overnight accommodation if necessary.  All snorkel gear and wetsuits are provided.
*Five schools in disadvantaged, low socio-economic areas will be chosen by EMS Committee and partly or fully funded for program costs (transport and accommodation is to be covered by school)

Volunteers Wanted