The public consultation on the Turnbull Government’s proposed cutbacks to our marine sanctuaries has now closed. And the message to the Government is crystal clear:
Over the last two months, more than 75,000 of you (including 10,000 recreational fishers) have spoken out to stop this madness – the cuts would be equivalent to removing every second National Park on land!
In affected communities right around Australia, local businesses have joined together to say how their livelihoods and reputation as tourism destinations would be damaged by these cuts.
Over 1400 Australian and international scientists have rallied together to stop the Government going ahead with what would be the biggest reduction of protection ever in the world – on land or sea.

And the dive and tourism industry have spelt out that the economics just don’t make sense: marine parks are good for business. Just look at places like the Great Barrier Reef or Ningaloo! They’re good for marine life, good for tourism, good for fishing, and they’re good for Australia.
The Government can no longer ignore the pleas of local communities, the wishes of the Australian public, and the advice of the world’s best scientists.
We’ll keep you posted on what happens next. But for now a HUGE thank you – we are overwhelmed and inspired by you all.
Meanwhile… do you remember we got in touch a couple of months ago, asking you to sign your name in a book about Australia’s National Network of Marine Sanctuaries, that will be delivered to your local MP?
We had to put that aside while we focused on the public consultation, but now we can get back to it. We’ll be in touch soon if you said you wanted to join us in delivering the book to your MP. Everyone is welcome, so please do join us if you can. And if you haven’t put your name on your MP’s book yet (even if you can’t join us to deliver it), you can do so here and ask your friends and family to do the same.

Thanks again for all that you do. Together we are a powerful force.
For our marine life and fishing future,

Chrissie, Michelle, Jimmy and the team

A huge heartfelt thank you!